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how does stars behave with toys ?

They say boys never grow up. It’s their toys that become more expensive. This tends to be a true fact, considering the changes and continued technological innovations that have resulted into development of millions and millions of different toys. Be it phones, hoverboard pas cher here, Xbox consoles, PlayStation, Headphones, drones etc. The constant growth creates a constant and increasing demand for toys all over the world ( hoverboard family will help you know more about this phenomenon ) These toys tend to appeal to the little boy/girl inside us and consequently, we end up purchasing a couple hundred of them.Celebrities are no different from the rest of us. The only difference is their toys are much cooler and more expensive. Stardom not only comes with fame but also free stuff. In order to increase marketability of a product, celebrities tend to be given free stuff so as to endorse these products and one you see Jason Derulo on a hoverboard, you’re pretty convinced you need one for yourself too. It was just most recently in the EMAs that Jason performed live on the hoverboard. Everything could have gone all wrong but he aced the performance with a 360 degree turn on it proving once more that he ain’t your average Tom Dick and Harry.

Everything could have gone wrong but he simply nailed the performance bringing the crowd to its feet.Dr. Dre in the recent past brought the world to its feet with his deal on Beats by Dre headphones. He was once quoted saying, “I love my toys” him referring to his creation of one of the best with great quality headphones that everyone wants to be seen dawning them. He ended up selling the company for over a billion dollars. You would deem toys as childish but if they bring you a billion plus dollars, lets all be childish!Lil Wayne on the other hand was featured on a FIFA commercial playing and plodding through his Xbox console. FIFA being one of the most celebrated virtual football game on the planet, Lil Wayne could barely contain the boy in him that day. He was joyfully and gloriously engrossed in the quality of the graphics, seamless game-play and the entertainment toys offered.Andre Johnson an NFL player from Houston Texas on the other hand decided to take 12 children from child protective services and sent them on s shopping spree to buy as many toys as they want and fill their shopping basket. Afterwards you could see him enjoy his time playing with them and with the legos they bought. So much joy it brought to everyone and society in general restoring faith in humanity.

Andre Johnson made all our Christmases by this gesture.Stars too indulge in toys as you can see from the few mentioned above. With the changing trends focusing on a virtual reality world; Oculus, Google Glass etc. the future for toys is a bright one and since stars are no different, they will continue having fun and interacting with these cool, classy and interesting toys be it in public or at home when the little boy/girl in them kicks in.